Leadership Gold


Create an impactful experience for an upcoming 7 week mastermind based on John Maxwell’s best of 40 years of experience and book, Leadership Gold.



In this 7-week, in-depth process, you’ll join forces with a unique group of hand- selected, like-minded individuals focused on experiencing positive results in every area of their lives. Having the support and ideas of other ambitious people will allow you to gain a new perspective on leadership tools.

We will meet at the same time each week on a conference line to review the material for that week and to cover what you learned in the chapters from the book that were assigned. These meetings bring to life all of the ideas that are circulating in your mind and help lay a foundation for your success.

“If leadership lessons and wisdom quicken your pulse and stir your heart, then learning more about leadership will make a difference in you, and you will make a difference in the lives of others.” – John Maxwell


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