Process Development Innovation – Transformation to Grow and Earn New Business

  • Product Development Stage Gate Process Certification.
  • Scale up R&D to Manufacturing Process Optimization and Detailed Instructions.
  • Process Design and Specifications
  • Increase Revenue and Enterprise Value
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Supply Chain Solutions to Reduce Constraints

  • Alternate Material  Sources  (RFQ) Results.
  • Cost Optimization
  • Supplier Relationship Management. Material Specifications.
  • Product Testing and Report Results Analysis.
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Manufacturing Process Waste Direct Cost and Increase Capacity to Optimize Assets

  • Manufacturing Material yield and Quality Analysis.  Manufacturing Uptime OEE training.
  • Cost Savings Projects. Analysis and Audits Reports.  Results.
  • Process Capability Six Sigma Analysis. Identify Sources of Variation. Implement Solutions.
  • Design of Experiments – Optimize Process variables – Cycle Time, Speed Performance.
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Solve Product Quality Concerns – Reduce Cost of Quality Waste

  • Corrective and Preventative Action -CAPA
  • Root Cause Analysis -RCA Training
  • Current Good Manufacturing Process -cGMP
  • Process Validation
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Automation Engineering Projects Reduce Labor Constraints

  • Optimized Process Design and Specifications
  • Create a Continuous Improvement Culture with Proven Effective Solutions
  • Save Energy Costs -Lighting, Pneumatic and Sustainability
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