Joe has made a tremendous impact since joining York a couple years ago. He has added systems and best practices to our quality program, and significantly expanded our R&D capabilities.

As Vice President, US Operations Joe has expanded the capacity of our facilities through process improvements, new technologies, and improved morale in the facilities.

Joe is impressive. He has a calm demeanor, direct communication style, and strong work ethic – a great combination for a head of operations.

Brian Golden

CEO at American Leather

Joe is an experienced operations manager with Six Sigma certification. It was a pleasure working with him during his time at Miller Chemical and Fertilizer LLC. As VP of Sales, Joe serviced my sales staff with timely delivery of our products to our customers.

Randy Edwards

Vice President, US Sales at Miller Chemical and Fertilizer Corp

Joe has been a dynamic manager setting aggressive goals and hiring a good team. I appreciate his enthusiasm and trust him to drive results including consolidation of facilities, growing the business and technical product transfers.

Rich Cremona

Board of Directors

Joe is a go-to person that can be trusted to get the job done. He can analyze a situation and then articulate a clear plan of action. His commitment to getting the job done on time, on budget with the allocated resources is why he ranks high as someone I trusted

Kären Olson

President at BalMed LLC

Joe is an excellent manager and leader. His enthusiasm and attention to detail is extremely high. I highly recommend Joe’s expertise in operations, new product introduction, quality and safety improvement. Joe is an excellent manager and leader.

Greg Miller

Experienced CEO | Managing Director at Alliance of CEOs

I worked with Joe for over 8 years at Adhesives Research. Joe’s leadership, work ethic, dedication and positive attitude paved the path to commercialize many new products as well as develop robust processes. Joe is a natural leader and team player.

John D'Ottavio

Chief Operating Officer at EAM-Mosca Corp

Joe is a passionate and effective operations leader. During my time working with Joe I found him to be a man of integrity that focused on his customers, acted with humility, and treated people with dignity and respect. Joe has a positive attitude and leads by example.

Anthony Mullins Jr

Plant Manager at Altium Packaging

Give me an engineer that has Joe’s can-do attitude and aptitude and there’s nothing that a company can’t accomplish!

Rick Alexander

National Sales Manager at Tom Brown, Inc.

I worked with Joe for several years at Adhesives Research and have always found him to be a highly competent engineer and project manager. Joe’s enthusiam was infectious and he always knew how to rally the troups to achieve the final goal. A great problem solver and team leader and a pleasure to work with.

John O'Mahony Ph.D

R&D Team Leader at Cook Medical

Joe, is passionate, energetic, and creative Operations Leader. A highly professional individual with vast experience in P&L and Continuous Improvement.

Ramon Tejada

Plant Manager

I worked with Joe at Church and Dwight in their VMS department. He came in at a very difficult period of change in the plant and turned the ship around. His respect and thoughtfulness revitalized the team and allowed us to focus on improving processes and increasing production.

Personally, it was one of the toughest projects I worked on, and if I didn’t have to leave for personal reasons, I would have enjoyed growing with him as my manager.

He even checked up on me and praised me for some ideas I had while I was there, which no one I’ve ever worked with has done before and it was greatly appreciated.

John West

Transportation Logistics Specialist

It has been a pleasure working with Joe Stefko at OpSec Security, Inc. Joe is a great subject matter expert in Engineering and Product Development, creative with tremendous drive and enthusiasm. Joe is always eager and willing to provide assistance when needed and a great listener. He would be a great asset to any organization and I highly recommend him.

Janani Kalpathi

Sr. Manager, Product Management

From the perspective of a senior leader on the customer facing side of the organization, I view Joe as the kind of “can do” partner I need in the plant to assure reliable delivery on our customer commitments. That Joe combines an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction with his tireless efforts to find efficiency in processes makes him an even more valuable asset to any organization.

Kevin Crimmins

Legal and Business Professional

Joe is an enthusiastic, energetic team player. He is eager to exchange suggestions on projects and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Joe would be a positive asset to any organization.

Troy A. Miller

Texas Operations Manager at TAI Engineering

Joe synthesizes data quickly and always finds time to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Kekoa Rosa

Account Director at Big Village

Joe is an honest and hard worker who pays attention to details. He always keeps in mind the company’s objectives and goals while achieving the groups objectives. He is an asset to any team he joins. Joe is a highly motivated, results-oriented professional who would be a tremendous asset to any company. He is a born leader and mentor and was a pleasure to work with.

Chad Burgess

Plant Engineer / Maintenance Manager

Joe is a very focused and knowledgeable engineer that also happens to have a very effective management style. He is an effective leader that takes the time to understand and manage his people, without loosing sight of the business objectives.

Jaime Garmendia

Plant Engineer / Maintenance Manager

Joe is a dedicated, hard-working person with a contagiously positive outlook and attitude. He is committed to quality and continuous improvement. I enjoyed working and interacting with Joe very much – he’s a good guy!

John Lind


I have personally known Joe Stefko for four years as both a colleague and subsequently a customer. During that time I’ve had the privilege of working with Joe on multiple projects which required a very high degree of engineering expertise, ingenuity, focus, and attention to detail. Joe is the type of individual that will work tirelessly; willing to put in the time and effort necessary towards achieving goals and bringing projects to fruition. Joe is a man of integrity and unquestionable character who I hold in highest regard. He will always convey his perception of the truth without embellishment to appease a particular audience; to put it succinctly; he tells it like it is. The following represent a few of his skill sets and accomplishments.

Excellent managerial skill sets for manufacturing Extensive engineering knowledge Conceptual design & development, Communication – Conveys information clearly and completely Expectations – Meets all specifications and exceeds expectations Timelines – Delivers according to scheduled target dates

As the Operations Manager for OpSec, Joe was responsible for the transition of a newly acquired acquisition moving the entire operation to another state. The extremely complicated logistics of relocating all of the production equipment to another site involved very complex allocation of material assets and reassignment of personnel into a totally different environment. If I had to single out one outstanding trait, Joe is a team player. He would be an excellent candidate for the position of Operations Manager and will definitely add value and be an asset to any company.

Brad Hilbert

Crown Roll Leaf Inc. V. P. Security Products